Film Festival FAQ

Are movies suitable for all ages?

Films & presentations by Columbia Festival of the Arts Channel will be available for various age ranges and we are looking at programming for young audiences. Primarily, subject matter may be more suitable for 18+ and not for young children. There is a large variety of content. Some films have strong language, powerful scenes, or deal with potentially graphic subjects. As new films, these movies are not rated and we will try to post advisories when possible.

Can I buy tickets just for the films I want to see, even if they are across several days?

You can purchase INDIVIDUAL TICKETS for any given project.

Can I watch at any time? Are all films shown at set times and are they shown in order?

On Demand screenings can be watched at any time during the screening dates published. These dates may vary from film to film or project to project.

Can I watch more than one film at the same time?

As with any television program or movie, you can watch only ONE film at a time, unless you have more than one TV/Device or have a split screen. However, most films will play more than once so you can see both films at different times on the same day. You can alternately switch from one film to another playing at the same time if you change your mind.

Do I have to register for free events?

Yes, even for free events you will need to register in order to receive a link to the events and a password.

How can I pay for my tickets? Do I need a special account to pay over the Internet?

Like most E-Commerce purchases, you can use your CREDIT CARD as prompted.

How do I enjoy the best visual performance

Any online viewing efficiency is affected by internet speed, browser and your device. Some computers or Wi-Fi may be slower and buffering may occur. From a computer or laptop, for optimal results we recommend using the Chrome browser and a direct ethernet cable connection, if available. Most home Wi-Fi gateways have high speed ethernet ports. Also, be sure to click the MAXIMIZE or FULL SCREEN icon (typically in the lower right corner of our VIMEO screen) to make the viewing fill your screen.

How do I participate in the Live Audience Q&A or Workshops? Do I need special software or special settings on my computer/phone?

YES, the LIVE Q&A’s will be presented via ZOOM.  REGISTRANTS will be sent a ZOOM login link before the actual Q&A or WORKSHOP begins. You will most likely have to download ZOOM before the event if you do not already have it installed.  You do not need to pay for a ZOOM account in order to join our events.

If I lose internet connection on the day/time for my film can I still see it?

Unfortunately, Internet access and service in individual homes is beyond our control.  There are multiple options from Phone and computer.  Call your internet service provider for assistance.

How may I view on my Television?

If your computer & TV have the HDMI plug, or if you have Apple TV, you should be able to connect your IPhone or Computer and watch what’s on your computer or mobile device on your TV screen.

How/where do I purchase tickets?

Visit and click TICKETS, or follow a LINK from any of the FILMS that interest you.

To view, do I have to download anything to my phone, PC or television?
NO special download or APP is needed to watch films. If you have APPLE TV, you can select that option on your phone.   The live Q&A’s will be done via ZOOM and you may need to Download the ZOOM App, if not already installed.  All this information will be sent to each ticket holder as a REMINDER EMAIL closer to actual screening times.
What are the showtimes?
On Demand films or project are generally available all day during the screening window. Some films will have 12-hour periods for on-demand viewing others may have a one (1) week window. Check under the FILMS menu item for film screening times.
What happens if I don't get or lose the password?

Use the SUPPORT menu option at the top of the page then select CONTACT US to send us a message and we can resend it. Alternately, during the days and hours of the actual screenings, you can use the CHAT option on our website in the lower right hand corner of your screen and if a Volunteer is available they will respond in real time.

What is your refund policy?

Once purchased, tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable.